Our team specialises in developing, designing and obtaining authorisation for renewable energy plants. Professionalism and passion are the cornerstones of our work, along with a strong awareness of the important difference we can make in the energy transition that will benefit the environment.


At the heart of our business is the development of ground-mounted medium- to large-scale photovoltaic plants.
We can deliver the entire process from construction to the management of new plants.

  • Locating and purchasing suitable sites for new plants
  • Handling formalities, including quotations for connections
  • Designing and obtaining full authorisation
  • Works management
  • Maintaining and monitoring completed plants

Since 2017, ATLAS RE has developed photovoltaic systems at grid parity in several regions in Italy and is contributing to over 400 MW of projects.

In the ground-mounted PV sector, ATLAS RE has always focused on industrial areas, disused quarries and areas that are already heavily anthropised. We also specialise in the design of agrivoltaic plants for agricultural land.


The concept behind agrivoltaic systems is the two-fold use of land selected for photovoltaic plants. In addition to the PV system, these sites are also used for cultivating plants and medicinal herbs.

According to our vision, this “fusion” of photovoltaic and agricultural systems can take place in two ways:

  1. Agrivoltaic system for energy production: the PV system is designed with wide spaces between the rows of panels, where various plants can be grown, depending on location and soil type
  2. Agrivoltaic recovery system: certain plants are grown on the land where the photovoltaic system is installed and special treatments are applied to regenerate and restore the quality of the soil

The characteristics and location of the site determine what solutions are adopted

Bee-friendly design

One of the greatest issues facing today’s ecosystem is the dwindling of the bee population. Over a third of the food produced on the planet relies on pollination by these small insects. If the decline of bees continues at current rates, the consequences for food production and biodiversity will be devastating.

This is why all the agrivoltaic plants we design are fitted with numerous beehives positioned in dedicated spaces around the structure. This special design feature of agrivoltaic systems helps safeguard and increase the activity and reproduction of bees in the areas surrounding the plant.


If you own land and are interested in knowing whether it is suitable for a photovoltaic or agrivoltaic plant, contact us for a free consultation.


In addition to our core business of developing ground-mounted photovoltaic plants, our other activities are:

  • Developing other renewable energy systems:
    • Wind
    • Floating PV
    • Rooftop PV
    • Biogas and wood biomass
  • Energy consulting
  • Developing, designing and obtaining authorisation for battery storage systems
  • Advising on the Ecobonus tax allowance and energy upgrades for buildings

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